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5 Ways to Achieve Your Pilates Goals For 2023

Welcome to 2023 and we hope that it’ll be your best one yet!

Just like most people, you’ve probably made new year’s resolutions and goals you hope to achieve before the year runs out. It’s also pretty accurate to say that around this time last year, you were determined to start something that would be beneficial for your health like Pilates, but you just couldn’t create time to go. Maybe you heard how rewarding it is for both your mind and body, but the year came to an end, and it just never became a priority.

However, if you’ve decided to give Pilates another go this new year and make it a vital part of your lifestyle, we have some advice that would go a long way in helping you get closer to achieving your Pilates goals.

To stay on top of your Pilates goals in 2023, there are some fail-proof tips that would help you get started, stay consistent, and make progress.

Achieve Your Pilates Goals with These Tips

We’ve put together 5 important steps that you can take to get a head start on realizing your Pilates goals. But remember that you need to be intentional about them no matter how simple they might seem.

1. Journal Every Step of The Way

Journaling your progress as you start your Pilates journey is very important for achieving your set goals. With Pilates or any other workout out, you will not see changes overnight and this is a major reason why some people fall off from their fitness goals. To be honest, it’s easier said than done to resist the urge to get on a scale and see abs form after 2 weeks of working out but with Pilates, there will be an improvement. As you should be aware of, Pilates doesn't just focus on weight loss or toning but also on building your core strength, muscle endurance, and healing your mind.

After your first Pilates session, take out your journal and jot down how you felt after the session and your expectations for the next one. After a few weeks of being consistent, take-out time and read your thoughts and you’ll be amazed at your progress. For every milestone, put it down in your journal to get motivated when you feel like stepping back.

2. Let Your Goals Be Achievable

As you begin your Pilates journey, it's important that you only set realistic goals to avoid getting overwhelmed. Set realistic goals based on your experience and capacity just so that you don't get burnt out early in the process. An instance would be that instead of going the pro route to keep your head lifted during the Criss-Cross workout, you can get a rolled-up towel under your neck for extra support as a beginner. You could also decide to do a 15 second plank instead of 30 as a beginner and slowly work toward setting more challenging goals. Making it a bit smaller, your goal could be to get out of bed and go for your Pilates session which is totally fine!

Starting with what you might say small or easier goals will also help to warm up and prepare your body given the fact that this is a long-term practice. Remember that you are not in competition with anyone so just do what you can handle when starting.

3. Get A Partner or A Join A Small Pilates Class

Having an accountability partner goes a long way to achieving any goal you’ve set up for the new year. Inevitably, there are going to be those days when you just don't feel like getting out of bed or you’re taking extra time at work as an excuse to skip your Pilates class. Sometimes, external motivation is required when there’s little left within you so getting an accountability partner would give you that extra push when you need it.

Your accountability partner isn't just responsible for your progress; it’s vice versa so you’re bound to get on your feet (or mat) and keep pushing. Find someone you know who also has some Pilates goals and become each other's positive influence when the morale is low.

Secondly, you could also join a Pilates class with instructors that care about the progress of every member and will make recommendations for improvement where necessary.

4. Take Your Time

Just like we tell our members here, there should be no rush in your Pilates journey this year whether you’re a beginner or a bit experienced. We are surrounded by celebrities and influencers that have goddess bodies and have given credit to Pilates but that shouldn’t pressure you to go way beyond your limits and get discouraged when you don’t see fast results.

This point still brings us back to setting achievable goals; slowly and steadily get used to basic Pilates techniques and equipment to build your overall endurance. This cannot be rushed; it must be developed over a period of time until you have adjusted. You only need to be consistent even with your baby steps and the results would be worth it.

5. Eat Right and Rest Well

Lastly, with every exercise, you need to have a healthy diet to achieve overall wellness. A healthy diet doesn't just involve eating fruits and vegetables, but they should be included in every meal because of their nutritional value.

Remember that the aim of your Pilates journey is for long-term mental and physical well-being so even whilst you stick to your Pilates routines, also create a diet plan that you can follow in the long run. In addition, take out time to rest well because your body needs to relax and feel rejuvenated to avoid getting injured or falling sick.

In conclusion, we should mention that Pilates is for everyone of any your age, level of expertise, or job shouldn’t deter you from getting started on this journey in 2023. Remember not to procrastinate and get started today!

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