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Understanding Reformer X-PRESS Pilates

If you have been attending Studio Lifewave Pilates for a little while you’ll have heard us talking about our Reformer X-PRESS Classes. They’re increasingly popular and we’ll have more X-PRESS classes available in our Spring timetable.

So what is Reformer X-PRESS all about? Do you need to be a Pilates expert to attend? We have heard a few questions and concerns about this new type of class, so hope to answer them here.

What is the difference between Reformer X-TENDED and Reformer X-PRESS Pilates?

Reformer X-TENDED Pilates is our standard 50 minute Reformer class. A full body workout utilising many of the same exercises as a Mat Class, on a Reformer machine. This creates resistance not only from springs on the machine but also from your own body weight.

Reformer X-PRESS Pilates takes the principals and exercises of an X-TENDED class and speeds it up a little to fit into a 30 minute session. You’ll complete a full range of moves; working your core, legs, arms and butt!

Does that mean it’s so fast that there are no breaks?

Absolutely not!

Pilates is all about control… control of your breathing, control of your core (#TZoneStaysOn!) and proper alignment of your body. Whilst you will work a little faster than in a standard Reformer class, we will still be ensuring you have full control and also take a quick break between each set of exercises.

So it’s not a rushed, loud, PT class with an instructor shouting instructions at me?

Definitely not!

We might have the more up-beat music and play it a little louder, but that’s just to get you moving! Provided you know the basics of Reformer Pilates (so you are not feeling like you’re holding up a class), you will love it.

Ask anyone who has been to one of the X-PRESS classes and they will tell you, classes are FUN. You will walk out with a pep in your step, a smile on your face… and maybe slightly shaky legs!

Is 30 minutes of Pilates a day enough?

Sure is!

You can benefit from even the smallest amount of Pilates moves performed throughout the day, but you may need to do a few more classes to truly increase fitness. Many people find 10 to 20-minute Pilates workouts are effective for them. In fact, many at-home Pilates DVDs focus on shorter, mix and match style workouts.

Who would benefit from a Reformer X-PRESS class?


Once you have been to a few Reformer classes and have a good understanding of the movements and the names of exercises, you’re ready for X-PRESS! We are all time-poor these days, so what better way to get the blood pumping than by attending a quick Pilates session?

We have X-PRESS classes available Monday to Saturday, including Lunch-time X-PRESS at 12:10pm through the week. You will need to book in to confirm your place, as they are popular. Have a chat to the team at Studio Lifewave today to find out if Reformer X-PRESS is right for you.

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