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"Seriously the best massage therapist ever, I’ve had a lot of different people massage me because of all my injuries over the years and she is the only one that has ever helped and made a difference. I try to go once a week and it’s the best thing I have done. Even if your not injured like myself, it will be the best thing you can do to relieve your stress etc. And no she is not paying me to write this message 😂 she is just the best and has helped manage my pain. Do yourself a favor and see for yourself 👍🏼"

- Rick

"I did some Pilates sessions with Tina and in that time, she was gentle, caring and so knowledgeable in a way she delivered the session. I learnt so much more about my body and new ways to stretch and strengthen my body. I am quite active and active at the gym. So these sessions allowed me to slow down, be present and focus on my core. I highly recommend doing this as a new way of exploring and strengthen your body.

Thank you 🙏"

- Alicia

"Thanks to Tinas hands of magic I have been very lucky to come through my sciatic nerve sporting injury. Tina has taken the time to ensure I am getting the right treatment for my injury. Not only does she have hands of magic but she stands out with a vibrant personality as well. I am forever grateful to have found such a wonderful person, and I’ve even attempted Pilates. Thank you Tina for everything you have done for me."

- Danielle

"From the minute you walk into My Me Time Massage and Pilates you begin to relax. Tina is warm and friendly with a natural healing ability. Her massages are to die for and I could not recommend her more highly to aid in your well being. Billy is an added bonus, calmly welcoming you and then sleeping under the table, making you feel even more relaxed and connected to a gentle energy. I love My Me Time."
- Melinda

"Best massage therapist I have found after trying countless! Tina does a fantastic job, really cares and goes the extra mile to ensure your aches are cured! Having regular various body aches from gym and sport, Tina has always gone out of her way to squeeze me in for an appt at little notice. It’s hard to find a good massage therapist that is qualified for private health/hicaps, so that’s a bonus too!"

- Paige

"I highly recommend Tina for massage and Pilates. She is welcoming, caring and her new studio is fresh and professional! Tina treated me throughout my pregnancy and has continued to help in my postpartum recovery with massage and Pilates. She works hard and cares for her clients."

- Sharaya

"Tina is just amazing. I've seen a lot of massage therapists over the years and Tina is just the best. She knows her stuff, there's no airy fairy stuff, just solid, wonderful massage that gives results. She's also great value. I totally recommend My MeTime."

- Karen

"Tina is the absolute best massage therapist I’ve visited. She listens and provides exactly what you need each time. I always walk out of an appointment feeling incredible after feeling not so great walking in.  I would highly recommend Tina 🙂"

- Ashleigh

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