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What is Circuit Pilates?

Our Circuit Pilates classes are becoming more popular by the week! But what is it exactly? Who is it for? We know some of you are a little nervous about giving it a go, so here's a bit of an insight into the class.

What is Circuit Pilates?

Studio Lifewave's Circuit Pilates class is a combination of traditional Mat-work and Reformer Pilates exercises. You'll come to class to find 8 "stations" set up with Pilates moves that you should already know and if not, your instructor will show you. The exercise may be on the mat, reformer, or use any one of the pilates props. In the 45 minute class, you will move through the the stations, doing each exercise for a total of 60 seconds with a 30 second break. You'll do the "circuit" three times.

So it's a HIIT class for super-fit athletes?

Not quite. Yes, it is similar to a HIIT class in that it is interval training. But remember, Pilates is all about control and technique. We don't want to see anyone rushing through exercises and hurting themselves. Your instructor will make sure you are still using the correct muscle groups and doing each exercise correctly.

Who is best suited to Circuit Pilates?

Anyone! You can go at your own pace in Circuit Pilates. There will be a timer running, with a buzzer to let you know when 60/30 seconds is up, but it is up to you how fast or slow you go in that time. If you are newer to Pilates you may choose to go slower, but if you have been doing Pilates for some time then Circuit Pilates is a great way to mix up your routine and get your sweat up.

Overall, our Circuit Pilates is a blast! A combination of our traditional mat-work and reformer pilates, all rolled into a super fun class! Don't be scared to try, come along and see for yourself.

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