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Reformer Pilates

Reformer Classes will have you gliding with control to a more toned and stronger body. 

The low-impact form of fitness will have you discovering muscles you never knew existed! 

Studio Lifewave's classes are not suitable for injury/rehabilitation or pregnancy.


Reformer X-Tended Pilates blends controlled, dynamic, functional movements and core-targeted flows to build strength and flexibility whilst utilising the resistance from the machine.


The machine will get you into the correct alignment and will challenge your pilates exercise with the springs, straps and foot bar!


Be prepared to work hard, move in every plane, have fun, be challenged, and leave empowered! Please note this class is a workout class and is


NOT suitable for Injury or Pregnancy. Ideal for beginners.

reformer x-press

Seeking a quickie?

This is your class! Get in and get it done with a 30 minute Reformer X-PRESS session. Reformer X-PRESS classes are fast-paced and dynamic to get your full body workout in a shorter amount of time.


Reformer X-PRESS is recommended for clients who have taken reformer classes with us before, as this class moves quicker with less time to explain and more time to sweat, burn, strengthen, and tone!

NOT suitable for beginners, Injury/Rehabilitation or Pregnancy


Mat-work classes are your everyday go-to Pilates flow.


Lifewave Mat-Work is perfect for your first time or as often as you’d like for a complete and guided experience in our basic interval class concept.


This class is designed to lengthen, align and sculpt.


We take time in these classes to focus on technique and breathing. You’ll leave feeling connected within your body and relaxed within your mind.

Ideal for beginners.


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The details

What to bring

Socks & Sweat towel

Who should attend

Not suitable for injury/rehabilitation or pregnancy

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