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BOOTCAMP begins Tuesday 10th October

Our 8-week Bootcamp group exercise classes are like nothing you have experienced yet!


They include a combination of traditional Reformer exercises, Power Pilates, dynamic movement, and popular fitness moves such as push-ups, squats and lunges with weights and resistance.

This 8 Week Challenge is about completing 8 weeks of workouts together as a community, and focusing on improving all aspects of our health beyond the classes.

Combined, our team are trained in multiple modalities; ranging from Pilates, Nutritional Medicine, Yoga, Remedial & Natural therapies.

We’ve drawn from our experience and expertise to create a strategically curated program that combines Pilates and Yoga principles, low impact cardio and dynamic movement with muscle sculpting techniques created to strengthen and tone.


Starting from Week 1, we commit to doing every workout and finishing up together 8 weeks later feeling stronger and more confident! 


Limited to 10 people.

To get signed up, click the link below.


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Megan Savill

Tina & the Studio Lifewave Team are knowledgeable & friendly. They make me feel at ease & welcome. Tina's instruction is easily understood and she takes the time to correct you kindly as needed, to ensure that you get the best out of your workout. As a client of 4 years, I highly recommend Studio Lifewave for mat & reformer Pilates and massage.

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Laura Soica-Clarke

Best pilates studio I've been to! Love the small classes, as you get more one on one. Tina is a wonderful trainer who constantly makes sure your form is on point and that your abs are always engaged! Absolutely love going there, highly recommend!

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Simone Cecil

I've tried many forms of exercise & they always end up leaving me mentally fatigued so I joined up for pilates reformer classes & quickly ended up doing 5 classes a week. The ab definition after my first set of 13 week membership was amazing & not once did I feel mentally exhausted. Highly recommend, such a great full body workout.

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