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New to Studio Lifewave?

Everything you need to know before attending your first class with us.


How do I book a class?

To secure a spot in our classes, you can use the Vagaro app to make a booking up to 30 days in advance. However, drop-ins are only allowed if there are available spots. We advise you to book ahead to avoid missing out on the class you want to attend. You can make payments through the app, or in the studio, but using the app is the most convenient option.


What do I wear?

For your Pilates class, it’s best to wear something comfortable that won’t limit your movement. A t-shirt or singlet paired with shorts or leggings should do the trick. Don’t forget to bring a towel, mat, and pair of Pilates socks, which are all mandatory. You can purchase them at reception or bring your own. We provide water at reception for purchase also. 


When should I arrive?

To ensure that you get the most out of your class, we kindly request that you arrive 5-10 minutes before the scheduled start time, as we start our classes on the dot. If this is your first time attending our class, we recommend arriving early to acquaint yourself with all things Studio Lifewave. Our staff will be available to provide a warm welcome and provide guidance on what to expect before the class begins.


What do I do when I get there?

When attending your first class, make sure to introduce yourself to the front desk staff and let them know that you are new. They will guide you through the studio essentials and ensure that you feel at ease before the class starts. Please store your personal belongings in the cubes provided before entering the class. We aim to keep the reformer aisles free of personal belongings and props, allowing the teachers to move freely throughout the studio.

Is there somewhere to get changed before and after class?


Yes absolutely. There is a toilet that you may use to get changed.


What if I’m running late?

Sadly, if you arrive more than 5 minutes late to your class, our team will be unable to admit you. This policy is in place for safety reasons and to prevent any disruption to the class.


Something came up. Can I cancel?

To ensure fairness for everyone, kindly cancel your class at least 24 hours before it starts. This will give others the opportunity to take your slot. However, if you cancel after that period, you will forfeit your class credit. Additionally, if you have a membership, failing to cancel in time will result in a $15 no-show or late cancellation fee. Thank you for your cooperation.


How long until I feel like a pro?

It’s common to feel disoriented in your initial class, but don’t worry, you’re not alone. Typically, by the fourth class, everything starts making sense, and you’ll experience a moment of clarity. Therefore, persevere, and have faith in yourself. You can do this.


How can I let the world know I’m part of the Studio Lifewave community?

Our Studio Lifewavers love to share their experiences on social media, including taking selfies in the studio or posting group shots after class. Don’t forget to tag us with @studiolifewave. We’re proud of all of our members and their dedication to their fitness goals!



What are the benefits of REFORMER?

Participating in REFORMER Pilates classes can result in various advantages such as better core strength, increased flexibility, and heightened awareness of your entire body. Studio Lifewave classes aim to enhance your overall well-being by boosting your muscle tone and strength, promoting core stability, improving your balance and posture, increasing your flexibility, managing your stress, improving your cardiovascular fitness, and alleviating pain for some individuals.

How is REFORMER different from Mat-Work Pilates?

If you have experienced Mat-Work Pilates, you will discover that the REFORMER provides an adaptable and effective workout due to the springs that add resistance and the wide variety of exercises that can be executed. Furthermore, the REFORMER facilitates maintaining proper body alignment and provides assistance where it is most necessary.

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