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Massage Treatments

Deep Tissue Massage
30 mins $50 | 45 mins $65 | 60 mins $80 | 90 mins $115

Deep Tissue Massage involves applying firm pressure and slow strokes to reach deeper layers of muscle and fascia, the connective tissue surrounding muscles.


Used for chronic aches and pain, contracted areas such as a stiff neck, upper and lower back pain, leg muscle tightness and sore shoulders, deep tissue massage releases toxins from the muscles and ensures oxygen and blood are circulating.


I will customize your session to address your specific goals and needs and my clients express a feeling of relaxation and renewal after each massage.

Pregnancy Massage
30 mins $50 | 45 mins $65 | 60 mins $80 | 90 mins $115

Prenatal massage is adapted to suit the specific needs of expectant mothers.


This gentle therapy can help you cope with the changes to your body that occur while you are pregnant and can be especially useful to ease discomfort at a time when you can't use medicines and other medical options. 


Massage in pregnancy can involve many different massage techniques.

It is usually a gentle relaxing massage and can reduce stress hormones in your body and relax and loosen your muscles.


During pregnancy, regular prenatal massages may not only help you relax, but may also relieve insomnia, joint pain, neck and back pain, leg cramping and sciatica.

Relaxation Massage
30 mins $45 | 45 mins $60 | 60 mins $75 | 90 mins $110

“Take care of your body. It is the only place you have to live in”. Jim Rohn.


Neck pains, muscle pains, being able to prioritize, feeling the need to be alone, unable to focus and snapping at people is a sign that your body is fatigued. You need to take a break and get a relaxation massage.


Relaxation Massage is done on the whole body to calm the soft tissues.


It involves applying pressure with the hands through rubbing knuckles, long strokes and kneading.


It can be used to alleviate pain, digestion disorders and headaches. It also reduces depression and anxiety. Adding circulation.


Our Relaxation Massage will leave you with a balanced body, mind and soul.


Hot Stone Massage
45 mins $60 | 60 mins $80 | 90 mins $110

Feeling tired and anxious? Are you experiencing lack of sleep or stress? Is your body feeling rigid or tensed? A relaxing hot stone massage is what your body needs.


Hot Stone Massage is a natural therapy and is non invasive. It involves the use of warmed stones and a unique massage method to relieve body stiffness and pain, relax muscles and improve blood flow.


Hot Stone Massage can also be used as therapy for autoimmune disorders, arthritis and muscle aches.


Our clients’ safety and satisfaction is our number one priority, and we have put down measures to ensure this. Ensuring the temperature of the stones is one measure we observe in order to give our clients the best hot stone massage experience.


Ear Candling
40 mins $45

Ear Candling is a gentle, safe and relaxing treatment to clear the ear canals.


It is the process of drawing earwax and other impurities from the ear though a burning candle that does not produce any heat near the ear.


The lit candle creates enough warmth to generate suction. This gentle suction pulls impurities and wax from the ear canal.


Once the impurities are drawn out your treatment is followed by an essential oil head and ear massage to release the build up of fluid or tension. 

Remedial Massage Therapy
30 mins $50 | 45 mins $65 | 60 mins $80 | 90 mins $115

Remedial massage stimulates blood supply, improves joint mobility and helps repair damaged tissues, gently kneading and soothing muscles to alleviate tension.


As a Remedial Massage Therapist I use different  techniques to repair and prevent damage, including focused stretching to improve flexibility and muscle recovery for increased mobility.

I am trained in a variety of  techniques that will help to heal you both mentally and physically.

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