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How Pilates Can Improve Your Mental Health and Wellbeing

Since the creation of Pilates in the 1920’s, many people have used this practice to increase muscle strength, improve flexibility, posture, and lose weight. However, in more recent times researchers have found that Pilates also has a wide range of mental health benefits.

Here are some of the ways Pilates can improve your mental health and wellbeing:

  • Improved concentration: Pilates is a mindful practice. By encouraging you to focus on a current moment, the practice of Pilates gives you sharper clarity and helps you to gain a deeper understanding of yourself and your surroundings. It can improve your focus both on and off the mat, as well as strengthen your mind and memory.

  • Reduce Anxiety and Depression: Pilates and breathing exercises can help to reduce the onset of anxiety and panic attacks in prone individuals. As well as improving your physical health, Pilates will help restore your emotional balance as it gives you the chance to disconnect from the stresses that life can bring and allowing your mind to unwind for that time. The practice of Pilates also allows you to forge a deeper connection with your spiritual self, reducing symptoms of unrest and unease.

  • Form better sleep habits: Pilates is an effective form of exercise to improve your sleep. While high-intensity aerobic or strength training exercise can be stimulating too late in the day, you can do Pilates in the evening and still find that it helps you sleep.

  • Pilates makes you happier: If you love Pilates then it will make you happier. When your body is positively stressed, like when you go through a favorite workout, endorphins are released into your body, and they make you feel good. If you enjoy your workout and stay focused on it instead of letting your mind wander somewhere else, you will feel happy and calm at the end.

  • You learn to be yourself: The modern world puts a lot of stress on us, and we feel the constant need to conform to certain standards. Pilates teaches us to respect our body and be content with it. This practice is focused on working within your range of motion and building strength and flexibility at your own pace. Your progress is not propelled by comparing ourselves to someone else but rather setting our own personal goals that are meaningful to us.

  • Become more confident: Pilates is all about good posture and proper body alignment. Of course, good posture is important for your overall health, but you will also gain a confidence boost from it too.

There you have it, if you didn’t already have enough reasons to try Pilates or to fit another class into your week the hopefully you do now. Let your body and mind enjoy all that Pilates has to offer. Ready to join us for a class? Book here

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